At Electronic Door Engineers we supply and install all overhead door automatic opener system for all residential and commercial doors. 

Our trucks are fully equipped so we can fix it  on the spot! Quickly and cost effective we got your back!

Some openers can be repaired while others cannot and must be replaced.  It is extremely important to ensure high maintenance of your opener system, not only for smooth everyday function, but also because it holds the garage door and is connected to electricity. If the opener system is not operating properly it can effect and even cause damage to the garage door, the garage door springs and the electrical system of your garage. Regular maintenance as well as repair work will ensure a smooth and safe garage door opener.

Here at Electronic Door Engineers we specialize in the installation of new garage door openers (also known as operators).


We offer two major types of openers which are Belt Drive and Chain Drive. Here is a brief description of each type and a couple of our popular models that we supply with our installation services:

Belt Drive Opener is the most preferred and extremely reliable for Residential Garage Doors. It is the quietest functioning opener because it delivers power smoothly. The Belt Drive is ideal for a Residential Garage Door that is next to or beneath a living space of the home. The reason why it is so quiet is because it delivers power smoothly. It offers reliable performance year after year.

Chain Driven Opener Garage Door Opener System is the most durable, long-lasting and reliable Operating System and is highly recommended for Commercial Garage Doors. This Garage Door Operator is the most commonly used in the market today. They life even the heaviest carriage style doors as well as custom wood type doors.


Electronic Door Engineers installs garage door openers manufactured by LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman and Chamberlain all in both ½ horsepower and ¾ horsepower. These companies are trusted brands and happen to be leaders in the Garage Door Opener Industries.

Whether you need a quietly operating Belt Drive, that runs smoothly for your Residential Garage Door, or if you need the cheapest solution, which is the Chain Drive Opener, which is designed for Commercial use. If you’re calling with a simple question, or are inquiring about a Free Estimate, our staff here at Electronic Door Engineers will be here to help you the whole way through.

So don’t hesitate, Call Electronic Door Engineers Today! 516-371-1669

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