Here at Electronic Door Engineers, we know that the Garage Door opener/motor plays an important role in the ability to have a Garage Door that opens and closes easily and locks tight for security. However, garage door opener doesn’t perform the actual heavy lifting of doors that can weigh 300 pounds or more. 

It is your Garage Door Spring System that is held responsible for the smooth and safe operation of your garage door. 


Your Garage Door Spring System is where the heavy lifting is happening, where the weight and control of the garage door’s movement is handled. Over time any garage door spring system becomes weaker and can result in breakage of the metal. It’s not difficult to determine whether your garage door spring is broken or not; the signs of malfunction such as it snapping followed by a loud banging noise or a continuous ping sound may be heard while the garage door is in motion. A broken overhead door residential or commercial is not a repair you want to overlook or delay replacing in any way. 

Door springs, cables and hardware are under extreme tension and could cause serious injury or damage*. For this reason, only qualified technicians should adjust or replace them. Call Your Local Sears Garage Door Solutions Office Today! Emergency Garage Door Repair Services Available in Most Areas!


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  • Ext spring replacement 
  • Torsion spring Conversion 
  • Lube and Spring adjust  
  • Tighten and Align All Elements
  • Torsion Springs For High Traffic Commercial Properties

*Since 1990, an average of 20,000 people each year have been treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to garage doors.

(Source: U. S. Consumer Products Safety Commission)

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